Magnetic Charging Cable

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Tired of your charging cables always tearing and being an inconvenience in general? The Tech Trendz Magnetic Charging Cable is here to help.

  • Our cable is made of an ultra-high quality tightly woven nylon, giving it incredible durability and resistance to tears and tatters.
  • No more fumbling with your cords, our cable magnetically snaps to your device's charging port instantly.
  • Three different adapters (USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB) allow you to connect whichever device you need to be charged.

Key features

  • The magnetic design allows you to leave the adapter in your device and connect the cable to the adapter whenever you need to charge the device.
  • The LED indicator ensures you that the device is charging and helps you locate your device in dark areas.
  • Extremely durable nylon weave and metal adapters.
  • Fast-charge capabilities¬†
  • Adapter plugs for Lightning, Micro-USB, and USB-C allow you to charge¬†virtually any type of device.

Package Includes

  • 1x Magnetic Charging Cable with selected adapter
  • (Different types of adapters than the one selected are sold separately)¬†


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